Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Safety, Comfort, and Skills for Life.

Swimming lessons are an essential part of a child's education. Being able to swim properly increases confidence which makes time in the water an enjoyable and safe experience. In addition, swimming is a healthy, total fitness activity that lasts a lifetime. Our Learn to Swim programs are taught by certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors with an enthusiasm and dedication to helping children and adults achieve their swimming goals. To determine proper class placement please review the level descriptions below and contact the Virginia Beach Location (757) 422-3483 with any questions.

Age Groups

Ages 3-6

All Pre-School Aquatics classes are intended for children 3-6 years old.

This program uses Levels 1-3 of the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program in a lower student to instructor ratio environment. Participants must be 3 years old before the first class and willing to separate from their guardian and able to use the rest room independently.

(PSA 1) Pre-school Aquatics 1: This class teaches children the most elementary aquatic skills. They continue to develop safe practices around the water. This level is for the non-swimmer who does not submerge head or body.

(PSA 2) Pre-school Aquatics 2: This class teaches independent aquatic locomotion skills. Children continue to explore simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back to gain more proficiency for future strokes. Requires successful completion of Level 1 or ability to fully submerge float on front and back with support for 5 seconds and recover.

(PSA 3) Pre-school Aquatics 3: This class teaches children to perform their skills independently. They are taught to improve coordination of combined arm and leg actions and alternating arm and leg actions. Requires successful completion of Level 2 or ability to swim 5 body lengths using a combination of arm and leg actions as well as float or tread for 15 seconds.

Ages 6-14

All Learn-To-Swim aquatics classes are intended for children 6-14 years old.

(LTS 1) Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills- Children learn breath control, buoyancy on the front and back, alternating arm and leg action and general water safety rules. Help participants begin to develop positive attitudes and safe practices.  No skill prerequisites.  Children must be a minimum of 6 years old to start this course.

(LTS 2) Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills- Underwater swimming, treading water, swimming in different positions and general water safety are the main focus.

(LTS 3) Level 3: Stroke Development- Head first entries, rotary breathing, changing directions and different kicks are taught.

(LTS 4) Level 4: Stroke Improvement- Diving, surface diving, turns, breaststroke kick, elementary backstroke and scissor kicks are introduced.

(LTS 5) Level 5: Stroke Refinement- Butterfly, Breaststroke, flip turns and survival swimming are taught. All other skills are refined.

(LTS 6) Level 6: There are three different sections:

  1. Personal Water Safety- Focuses on endurance and safety in and around the water in addition to the core skills.
  2. Fitness Swimmer- Focuses on endurance as it pertains to using the water as a medium for exercise in addition to the core skills.

Swim Lessons For Special Needs

Every child is unique, and swimming lessons for those with special needs helps children learn new skills, learn to relax, and build muscle and stamina, all while increasing self-esteem and confidence. Skills are adapted based on American Red Cross Learn to Swim Standards, or individualized support for water exercise or modified swimming. Participants will be provided physical support and behavior intervention, as appropriate, to ensure a safe aquatic environment.

Swimming lessons teach water entry and exit, water submersion, floating, swimming to the edge of the pool, and swim-float-swim technique. An individual assessment will be done by a certified instructor in order to determine the child’s placement in swim lessons. Upon completion of assessment, an individualized lesson plan will be created for each swimmer.

Skills Needed: Participants must have a desire to participate in Swim Lessons.



Options and Pricing

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a fun and viable alternative to private. They also add an element of fun for children who can meet new friends and see others meet milestones.


  • $60.00 per month for one lesson a week– If you want to attend 2 classes per week tuition is $95.00
  • A yearly $39.00 facilities fee per child, capped at $59.00 per family.

There is a minimum of a 2 month commitment for group lessons.

  • Preschool (ages 3-5) Maximum enrollment is 3 children per class.
  • Learn-to-Swim (ages 6-14) Maximum enrollment is 4 children per class.
  • Adult Maximum enrollment is 4 per class.

Siblings: First Child 60.00$ per month, Second Child 55.00$ per month, each additional Child is 50.00$ per month.

Semi Private Lessons

For families who want a guaranteed time slot for siblings to swim together at the same time. Up to 3 siblings can be enrolled together.


  • First Child $70.00 per month, Second Child $60.00 per month, Third Child $50.00 for one lesson a week. – If you want to attend 2 classes per week tuition is $100.00
  • A yearly $39.00 facilities fee per child, capped at $59.00 per family.

Private Lessons

Private instruction is a great for those families who would like a more accelerated learning experience, a more flexible schedule, lessons that are catered to their child’s specific needs or for those who may have a child that is fearful of the water. Have a certain technique you want to work on? This is a great way to focus one on one on strengthening your swim stroke.The individual attention is a powerful tool. Our team of swim coaches are deterred by nothing and dedicated to the success of each swimmer!

All private lessons are 30 minutes long. We schedule them throughout the week and on Sat mornings.

Open to swimmers from age 3 to adult with any level of swimming skill.



  • $130 tuition per month.  A yearly $39 facilities fee per student, capped at $59 per family.  A minimum of a two (2) month commitment for private lessons.


  • Private lessons may be purchased individually.  $35 for 30 minutes per session.

 Download Swim Flyer

Download Swim Flyer


We are located in Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center just down from Trader Joe's

1725 Laskin Rd
Hilltop Plaza
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Please note:

When Registering, please use the account name as the customer name. When choosing a swim lesson there will be a place to put child's name.


Booking Details- Please Read

A credit card for each family will be kept on file and will be automatically charged on the 1st of each month the child is enrolled in lessons. The facilities fee will be automatically withdrawn each year on the anniversary date of enrollment.

Due to the nature of our enrollment, a family may sign up at any time and the first month’s charge will be adjusted as needed.

A 30 day written notice is needed in order to cancel lessons.

Families may cancel lessons one time during the calendar year free of charge. Each subsequent cancelation will require an additional $15.00 processing fee.

Your child will be able to advance as quickly as they are able to successfully demonstrate the exit skills needed to move on. All participants will receive regular progress updates from their instructors and will be given a diploma for each level they successfully complete. When the child is ready to move to the next level they will be placed in an available slot on the day and time that best accommodates their families schedule.

Please choose your lesson schedule CAREFULLY to avoid any time conflicts with other family activities, because we do not have the capability of offering make-up classes.

No spaces are guaranteed until you receive an email confirming that you have enrolled in a class, or you enroll at CBD&AC in-person.

To give everyone a fair chance at lesson availability, we must limit advance enrollment to 2 weeks - you cannot sign up for a class more than 2 weeks ahead of time. But please feel free to give us a call; we will try to work with your schedule.

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