Equipment Service and Repair

Inspection & Repair Services at Chesapeake Bay Diving

The sport of SCUBA is unique in that life support gear is required to enjoy the underwater realm. Properly maintained equipment is a key for safe enjoyment of SCUBA. Chesapeake Bay Diving is an authorized service center for many types of SCUBA equipment.

Chesapeake Bay Diving sells regulators that have a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is maintained through annual service of the equipment. Parts are provided by the manufacturer free of charge for as long as you keep up your annual maintenance. You pay only for the labor. Lack of maintenance can cause your regulator to free flow or your BC power inflator is to be "stuck" in the open position. These are both potentially dangerous situations! It pays to invest in a quality TOTAL DIVING SYSTEM!

Service Price List

GENERAL LABOR  $60.00* *Per hour. Calculated by the 1/4 hour
REGULATOR INSPECTION: Warranty  $12.00*  *Per stage
REGULATOR INSPECTION: Non-Warranty  $15.00* *Per stage
REGULATOR OVERHAUL: Warranty  $30.00* *Per stage. Included
REGULATOR OVERHAUL: Non-Warranty  $35.00* *Per stage. Plus Parts [/td4]
REGULATOR OVERHAUL: Integrated Air  $45.00 
POWER INFLATOR  $20.00  Plus parts
I3 INFLATOR $20.00  Plus parts 


VISUAL INSPECTION $20.00  Includes air fill 
VISUAL PLUS INSPECTION $25.00  Includes air fill 
HYDRO $40.00  Includes air fill 
HYDRO PLUS $45.00  Includes air fill 
CYLINDER ROLL $20.00  Includes air fill 
CYLINDER O2 CLEAN $35.00  Includes air fill 
VALVE OVERHAUL $30.00  Plus parts
DOUBLES: Breakdown $20.00 
DOUBLES: Reassembly $20.00

Additional Charges

48 HOUR RUSH $20.00
24 HOUR RUSH $35.00 
72 HOUR HYDRO $30.00  Per cylinder
STORAGE FEE $5.00  Per week after one month