Drysuit Diving Specialty

Drysuit Specialty Course

Make diving a year-round activity by learning the basics of using a drysuit.

If you want to dive during the fall and winter in the colder climates, DRY SUIT DIVING is the course you should take. Visibility at these times of the year is usually excellent so it's a great time to get out there.

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Course Description:


The DRY SUIT DIVING program you will learn about the advantages of dry suit diving, different suits, valves, underwear and dry suit accessories. During the 2 mandatory dives you will apply correct dry diving techniques and demonstrate the correct care and maintenance of a dry suit.

The SSI Training Materials and Online Training program are designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. You can complete the academics online when you sign up for SSI’s Online Training program, and then attend review sessions at your favorite SSI Dive Center.


  • Why drysuits
  • Types of drysuits
  • Drysuit values
  • Undergarment selection
  • Drysuit accessories
  • Drysuit techniques
  • Maintenance of drysuits
  • Drysuit repairs

Price: $175.00*( Cost for Drysuit Rental not included ) 

Drysuit Special -  Free training with Purchase of an Aqualung Fusion Drysuit.

Winter Scuba Training -  Open Water Diver + Drysuit + Drysuit Rental =  $500.  Check out dives & certification with drysuit rental= $200

Already scuba certified -  Drysuit Class + Drysuit Rental = $225.  Includes instructor fee for check out dives.

Have your own drysuit?  -Drysuit Class = $175.  Includes instructor fee for check out dives.


*Any 4 diving specialties plus 24 dives qualifies a diver as Advanced Open Water certified. We highly recommend the Navigation, Night, Limited Visibility, Wreck, and Deep diving specialties for Advanced Open Water (check out our Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Master Diver bundled prices). Additionally, we recommend doing the Deep and Wreck dives in Hatteras or Morehead City with one of our instructors (two student minimum). There is an additional $300.00 charge for this choice (Lodging and Charter boat charges not included).


  • 1 night class
  • 1 day, 2 dives
  • digital cert card



  • SSI Open Water Diver Certification or equivalent
  • Age Requirement:

Equipment Requirements

  • Standard dive equipment
  • Drysuit (training suit available for rent)

Paperwork: (click item to download and print)


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Decades of experience have taught us that there are four requirements to serious diving and serious fun. There is a strong correlation between the quality of your training and the amount of fun you will have.

Proper Knowledge

There are certain diving skills that must be learned. With a professional teaching system, you can study the information at your own pace. An instructor is always available for assistance.

Proper Equipment

The most comfortable, convenient and enjoyable way to dive is with your own
set of properly-fitted equipment. As you become familiar with your equipment, your ability level increases. Annual servicing assures your equipment’s performance and minimizes malfunctions.

Proper Skills

You must develop ability with basic scuba skills, such as moving in the water and equipment handling. The best way to learn is from a qualified instructor at a professional scuba school. Review and practice time reinforces the skills

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